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  • Perfectly portion, store, freeze and reheat homemade baby food.
  • An ideal set for starting babies on solids and varying food
  • Leak-proof and airtight seal prevent messes while keeping food fresh
  • Stackable and foldable to save storage space
  • Easy to clean and sterilisable
  • Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Set of 4 ( 2 x 240ml & 2 x 400ml)
  • Safe materials : Silicone & BPA Free
  • Lactose-free
  • No Nut or Soy
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Salt or Sugar
  • Free of Pesticides
  • No Animal Ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • No Cow’s Milk
  • No Nuts 
  • No Preservative
  • No added salt or sugar
  • Lactose Free
  • Free of Pesticides
  • YOYO board is installed on the YOYO stroller with one click and with one hand. It can accommodate a child up to 20 kg (44.1 lbs).
  • No more wearing yourself out when you cross the road on the way back from the shops.
  • The child is seated in complete safety, with the choice of standing or sitting on an easily removable saddle.
  • When not in use, YOYO board can be stored in two different positions, for minimum bulk.
  • Lightweight for a scalable stroller: 6.2 kg (13.6 lbs) / 6.6 kg (14.5 lbs).

  • Cabin baggage size* (folded dimensions: 52 x 44 x 18 cm / 20.5 x 17.3 x 7.1 in).

  • The new YOYO² stroller benefits from unparalleled flexibility and cushioning, thanks to the new, individual suspensions on all 4 wheels, allowing the stroller to perfectly navigate all types of surface.

  • Hytrel® elastomer suspension, unique technology.

  • New handlebar in soft faux leather, a pleasure to grip. Tether strap.

  • Stretch hoods with UV protection (UPF 50+) and waterproof material.

  • Carry on the shoulder with its padded shoulder strap.

  • Supplied with a carrying bag.

  • Basket supports up to 5 kg (11.2 lbs). Easily accessible from the front or back.

  • Machine washable at 30°C.

  • Choice of 2 colors for the stroller frame: black or white. 9 fabrics colors: ginger, peppermint, toffee, aqua, black, grey, taupe, red and Air France blue. 

  • Available in the 0+ newborn pack and the 6+ color pack, as well as in the whole range of BABYZEN accessories (parasol, YOYO bag and footmuff).

  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Effectively emulsify dirt, grease and grime
  • Food contact safe
  • Controls germs and pathogens naturally without toxic chemicals
  • Skin friendly, non-corrosive formulation
  • No toxic fumes produced during cleaning
  • 100% Natural and safe for the environment. Totally biodegradable!
  • Formulated to safely break down grime, grease and scum
  • No toxic residue produced during cleaning
  • Skin friendly, non-corrosive formulation
  • Safe for use in the area infant and kids live and play in
  • Made from 100% Food-Grade Ingredients and safe for the environment. Totally biodegradable!


  • Non-toxic, corrosive or irritating side effects 
  • Low Foam
  • Hypoallergenic formulations BacOff Baby Bottle & Accessories Cleanser is specially formulated to target and clean milk and formula residues 
  • 100% natural, hypoallergenic cleanser does not have any nasty contaminant
  • Keep their baby safe and nursing accessories clean and fresh. 
  • Soft lather gently removes dirt and grime
  • Hypoallergenic, gentle on sensitive skin
  • Fresh, botanical scent
  • 100% Natural and safe for the environment. Totally biodegradable!
  • Made from 100% FDA listed food grade ingredients
  • Totally biodegradeable
  • Does not mask but destroys odours, neutralizes the air and kills bacteria simultaneously
  • Effective on cooking and cigarette smells
  • Non-toxic residue continues to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Product From Australia
  • Packaging size: 50 compressed wipes and a tube
  • Our eco friendly wipes are plant based, 100% biodegradable and certified free from harmful substances. Great for sensitive skin.
  • No polyester, preservatives, fragrance, parabens, PEGS, SLS/Sulfates
  • For babies being introduced to solids
  • Designed for easy feeding
  • Hygienic, all silicone design
  • BPA, Lead & Phthalate free
  • Suitable for 4 months and above
  • For learning to eat like a grown-up.
  • Spoon handle designed for a child's hand.
  • Shape of spoon's bowl adapted to a child's mouth.
  • Spoon support to avoid the spoon touching the table for more cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Care: wash by hand or diswasher. 
  • Ergonomic shape: Easy for baby to grasp. Suitable for left-handed and right-handed.
  • Rounded shape: No risk of harming gums.
  • Convex shape: Rests on plate without sliding.
  • Storage/transport case: Protection and hygiene when travel.
  • Care: Wash by hand or diswasher.
  • High-grade tempered glass made by Duralex in France
  • Plate: high rim to help baby scoop food
  • Suction pads fix plate and bowl to the table or tray
  • Suction pads feature a tab for parents to lift from the table
  • Ergonomic shapes to help baby learn to eat meals by themselves
  • Cup features supple protection sleeve
  • Extremely durable, Duralex glassware is thermal shock (sudden temperature change) resistant and 2.5x stronger than regular glass.
  • Glass: scratch-resistant, odorless and stain-free
  • Incredibly versatile – can be moved directly from the freezer to the microwave, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • If broken Duralex glassware shatters into small chunks rather than shards, reducing the risk of injury
  • Duralex glassware has been made in France since 1945
  • Age: 4mo – 36mo+
  • Sleeve material: TPE
  • Prepare fruits, vegetables, meat or fish from raw to any stage baby and toddler food in 15 minutes
  • Unique, one-handed operation
  • Patented steam heating system
  • A large 4.7 cup bowl
  • Narrow footprint for easy storage
  • Spatula, mixing lid/smoothie filter and recipe/menu booklet included
  • Stainless steel water reservoir
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free