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Mom Stories 2020
As a mother I’m always concerned about what I’m teaching my kids. My desire is for them is to be wholesome human beings who tell the truth, work hard, and love others. Funnily, the more time I spend as a mum, the more I realize that I’m the one being schooled here.

Motherhood has taught me to be truthful to myself and to confront my pride and insecurities remembering that progress, not perfection, is the goal. It has taught me that working hard and showing up even in the mundanity of family life- chores, meals, dirty bottoms and all, is valuable, maybe even sacred. It has taught me that loving others begins with empathy and that our kids are not problems to be solved but people to be understood. And because we’re all human, ithas also taught me about forgiveness, that we need each other and that people are always more important than things.

So often, I focus on the stuff they are learning and forget that some of the best lessons are the ones we’re learning together. In this sense, motherhood is a surprising and beautiful gift. One I have come to treasure dearly.
Also, shout out to my mum who modelled what it meant to learn and grow together. And she always made it fun- balloons and all!! ❤❤❤
I used to visit Babyland Ss2, Petaling Jaya with my mum when I was a child. Lots of fond memories there. I can't wait to go back, this time getting stuff for my own kids. 
Best regards,
Kristy Tan