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Spectra Accessories
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  • Inserts are used only to reduce the diameter of the funnels' tunnel
  • Provides a softer feel around the areola
  • Fitmie inserts must be used in conjunction with Freemie cup funnels
  • 12V adapter for: Spectra S1​, Spectra S2, Spectra 9 plus
  • Power Supply Spectra 12 volt
  • Original Spare Part
  • Switching Power Adaptor
  • Consisting of three filters and two pieces of filter tubing
  • The Spectra Backflow Prevention Filter (3pc) contains everything you need in order to replace the filters on your Spectra Dew 300 / 350 Double Electric Breast Pump.
  • These filters protect the motor unit of your breast pump from back flow of breast milk particles.
  • They need to be replaced as soon as the red line on them starts to fade.
  • It is possible to significantly prolong the life of your filters by ensuring that all the pump attachments
  • 1 Piece per pack
  • Backflow protection for hygienic, safe pumping.
  • Creates a complete physical barrier between your milk and the pump motor
  • Ensuring that your milk is protected and that pump performance is maintained.
  • Easy to use
  • Safe & Non toxic (BPA free and Phthalates Free)

  • Size : 160ml
  • 2 bottles
  • US FDA approved material for safe storage

  • Made of 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) for safe & longer storage 

  • Compatible with Spectra M1, S1, S2, 9+, new version of Spectra 3, 300, 350 Breastpump

  • Made in Korea

  • 28 mm
  • Additional / Replacement breast shield for Spectra M1.
  • Also fit to S1 and S2 .
  • Spectra 24mm size fit for Spectra S2, S1, DEW 350, S9, and M1 pumps
  • This wide neck breast shield is for use with Spectra wide neck bottles, as well as other popular brands such as Avent.
  • 1 piece per pack
  • Spectra Premium Breast Shield Only
  • Wide Neck
  • T-Connector for Spectra M1 Breast pump.
  • New version of T-Connector
  • Easy to switch between single and double pumping.
  • More secure
  • No short tubing is required.
  • Replacement valve to fit Spectra Handsfree Cup
  • *2pcs / box
  • To be attached to Spectra breastshield to function as a manual pump.
  • Spareparts for Spectra breastpump Spectra M1, S1, S2 and 9+. Large membrane
  • Size L (24mm)
  • BPA free
  • Comfortable for the baby because of its nipple shape
  • Good for sore nipple, flat or inverted nipple
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enables you to do double pumping with your Spectra S1 , S2 and M1 Breastpumps
  • BPA free
  • Silicon Tube
  • 1 piece
  • Designed to touch breasts gently.
  • Good for mastitis, sore nipples, flat or inverted nipple